I live near the ocean. The unique churning, swirling gush of each wave, the ebb and flow of each tide, the perfect freedom it represents. The ocean inspires me. My brushstrokes are carried out with the wildness and ferocity of a powerful wave yet carry the sensitivity, passion, and gentleness of a morning mist. When painting, I rely on instinct and skill, speed and spontaneity. I pursue the beauty of “the line”, always studying its limitless variations, the many ways it can be shaped and formed. I revel at the pure joy and magic of colors. Working  at a fast pace, I prefer to paint twenty paintings then choose the best two or three, rather than work on one and eventually overwork it. Through this, my “controlled chaos”- my expressed freedom, my work is born.

The ocean has long been a symbol of the emotions, of flow. Because of its fluidity, storms can rage through the ocean to any degree without harming it. It always settles right back down into placidity and calm peacefulness. And while a busy city like Vancouver rises up on its coast, with traffic, population, and culture growing and competing for territory, nothing can be built on the ocean, so it lies open, a great free space too powerful to control. I value emotion, flow, and freedom, and, living these qualities daily, it was a natural thing that, in support of my artistic career, I would settle near the ocean.

I am also very inspired by humanity and  relationships. I love to express the  reality of life, with love, humor and the widest range of emotions that I can possibly express. Art is a language which allows me to "speak" my emotions on  paper or canvas. Art is a way to communicate my feelings to an audience and hopefully entertain, engage and connect with the viewer.

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kind regards

Annette Labedzki